Peter Pepper, Gordoughs Public House, Austin, Burger # 9

Ordered a Ron Burgundy burger. A hamburger with a fried egg, some guac and

Anthony - Boulders on Broadway - Phoenix, AZ - #7

7/10 - bacon cheddar burger. Tasty!

GZ The Halligan Bar and Grill, Short Pump VA. Burger number 6

5/10 - not bad.  Not great. Then again with burger 6 now my pallet might be getting more discriminating.   The Yuengling was on tap though.


Jimd - Navajo Hogan - CSCO- #4

7/10. Pretzel bun is a nice touch

Miles - Roaring Fork - Austin, TX - Burger #9

The Big-Ass Burger
Perfectly cooked 12oz medium rare burger, topped with bacon, cheddar, and the freshest of veggies.

Burger #2 Texas T-Bone Steakhouse GOG Colorado

Burger #2 was on the house (free) and build your own we only do rare and this definitely was..rated 6 on the Richter scale since its not callicrate beef the sweet potato was on point though

Burger #1 Coquette's Bistro manitou springs incline bunny Jill Suarez

Burger challenge had us enjoying a 8 on the burger Richter scale 915 manitou blvd, manitou springs co

JohnF - Bacon - Austin, Tx - #8

When I learned there was a restaurant specializing in bacon near the new job, I knew it was only a matter of time before I had to check it out.

I had the Double Grind Burger. The patty was made with an "all natural house ground steak and bacon blend." There was an option to add more bacon on top for an extra charge which I declined. The taste was interesting. Not bad, but not great. The bacon flavor was spread evenly through the meat. Bacon is great when it is fried and crispy, but that does not occur when it is cooked into the meat like this. The pickles were tasty. The fries had a hint of bacon grease mixed in, which reminded me of the days before everywhere started using vegetable oil and instead used some burger grease in the fryer.

brownie/Culver's/CSCO/burger # 10

This is a chain in Wisconsin, somehow with one joint in COS. See my last review on a Wisconsin burger.

Cheesehead - Junior's Grill and Icehouse- Round Rock - #2

Miles - Boulevard Grill - Austin, TX - Burger #8

Hercules Burger
Grilled mushrooms, bacon & jalapenos w/ provolone & american cheese.  The bun was amazing!

GZ Bistro 64 Glen Allen VA Burger #5

Hotel restaurant burger so ridiculously overly priced.  Swiss is the cheese to go with for sure.  7/10.


Timko - Avery Tap Room - Boulder, CO - Burger #16

5/10 - had potential but was a bit overlooked. Chinook IPA

Beebs - Champps Bar - fairfax, VA - burger #7

Guacamole, pico, cilantro, lettuce, tomato
Tasteless burger, slimy guac.

Bilirubensbabe, Primetime, Hopdoddy Burger Bar, ATX,#6

9 / 10

Delicious, juicy akaushi very with brute and caramelized onions. The layer of slightly bitter arrugula was perfect amount. The only reason it's not a 10 is because it's not even the best burger I've had there.

Wiley - 24 diner - Austin, Texas - #5

Bacon and Gorgonzola.
I echo several other comments, what's the point of asking me how I want it cooked, since "medium" means "almost well done". I wish the burger had tomato slice and crispy lettuce leaf. It needed a little crunch, but maybe that's because I asked for mashed sweet potatoes over house cut fries. Overall, it's a good burger, it just needs something to counteract the mustard-mayo blend, Gorgonzola and sautéed onions.

Jimd Wyatt's Bar & Grill COSCO burger #3

The 505 7/10

Slow Ride - Branos Express - Gloucester Green, Oxford - Kebab #6

6/10, but the service is always easily 6/10...I think cracking that 7/10 barrier is going to be hard.  Full write-up here.

brownie/Tony's/CSCO/burger #9

Local Wisconsin bar. Like most things about that state, Wisky peeps talk about how awesome stuff is but it's average at best.

HaVoCLaD - Boat House Grill - ATX - #10


Double cheeseburger (LTOPK).

I was pleasantly surprised. I think they've made a few changes since my last visit. Fresh romaine lettuce and a good fresh roll stick out as improvements. The burgers were moist even though they were cooked past medium, very tasty overall.

The cheese was unmelted, a cardinal sin. Also, I'm just not a fan of breaded fries, especially even they are all stuck together a couple of big clumps.

Miles - 24 Diner - Austin, TX - Burger #7

Mushroom Burger
Another way over-cooked burger.  I'm so tired of places asking how I want my burger cooked; then, bringing it out however they feel like anyway.  Why bother asking me how I want it cooked?

Miles - Kerbey Lane Cafe - Austin, TX - Burger #6

Greek Lamb Burger
It was over-cooked, but it still somehow managed to have a great flavor!

Rayzor - Wholly Cow Burgers S Lamar - Austin, tx - burger #4

Single with swiss, fully dressed, med rare, sweet potato fries. Good meet, but a bit underseasoned. Bun is a hawaiian sweet roll. 6/10.

Gz Checkers, Atlanta jackson hartsfield airport, burger number 4

Had a short layover otherwise I would have done the Varsity. This was decent for a quick burger and fries. Had the vanilla shake too. Hit the spot quick while in a time crunch. Just off terminal B.


Pev - Earl's - Denver CO - Burger#9


Peter Pepper, Hoppdoddys, Austin, Burger # 7

Ordered a Llano Poblano with a side of fries with green chile queso. Burger was solid, tasty meat though a bit overcooked for my tastes. Plenty of sloppy mayo, jack cheese and poblano peppers made for an oozey burger though the decreased friction made for difficulty in maintaining the patty between the buns. Bread was perfect and withstood the slop. Fries were great. 8.5/10

Squeezin' - Cuban Sandwich Cafe - Austin, TX - Burger #4

Cow and pig unite in this monster burger. A deal at $6.75. It is taller than wide with its cuban bread, mustard, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, HAM, PORK, beef, two cheese slices, and BACON. I usually take half of it home but I powered through it this time. Rating: 9/10

Biliruben - P. Terry's - ATX - #12

7 / 10

Name: double cheese burger
Toppings: LTOPMuC(a)
Patty: 2x 1/4 medium
Taste: in the ever widening class of fast food, this burger remains near the top. I especially like the "cheese paper" it creates.

Pev - Bingo Burger - Pueblo CO - Burger#8

Ive decided at this point it is frivolous to get anything garden grown on my burgers.  It only seems to lower my overall experience.  Anyway, Steel City at Bingo Burger.  Best burger in the classy city of Pueblo.  8/10  Bacon Milkshake10/10

Anthony - Cindy's Hog Wild - Bastrop, TX - #6

6/10 - Ape Hanger burger, cheese, bacon, jalapeño, chipotle sauce. Best burger on Hwy 71, supposedly. Hmm.

Lulu - cindi's hog wild - Bastrop, TX - #6

After a long bike ride, this was much needed. Hog Burger plus bacon an cheddar accompanied by Austin Amber. Not sure if it was great or I was starving but it sure did seem to taste good. Ill give it a 7.5/10 with the caveat that it could be the tired legs and empty belly talking.

brownie/Yukon Tavern/CSCO/burger #8

Pretty decent for the shithole east side of town.

Missychel burger #5, The Longhorn @ Cover 3 Austin, TX

9/10 This burger was near perfect. MR was dead on. The bun was just right and no topping over kill. All veggies were crisp and fresh. I highly recommend the parmesan fries.

pjtravels - Flix Brewhouse - Round Rock, TX - burger #13

5/10. Bacon burger. Gave it a +1 for the awesome battered fries. Dry patty, slightly stale bread; A1 sauce started off nice but I was tired of it by the end. Pepperoni was gratuitous - added no flavor to the burger.

HaVoCLaD - Bam's Roadhouse - Lago Vista, TX- #8


I don't usually like stuffed burgers but this Green Chilli Burger(LTPK) is the exception. Served mid-rare with a very tasty honey bun.

Fries are great too, but there was way too few of them, so I docked 'em a point.

megabootay - Luke's Inside Out - Austin, TX - #8

The Burger
Bacon, Cheddar, w/ 'LOVE' ( says that on the sign)
I tend to believe that love makes everything better, and 'The Burger' is no exception. Despite the fact that I am at Gibson for bingo nearly every week, and have eaten at Luke's countless times...I had never had the burger. And after completely devouring it, I'm wondering why I never tried it before.

megabootay - P.Terry's - Austin, TX - #7

American cheese, lettuce, tomato, special sauce.
It was a means to an end. I was hungry. I wanted to take the pup for a ride. P.Terry's gave her a biscuit and me a halfway decent burger. It was just...okay. But, highly efficient lunch ordering/pick-up/etc. I probably gave them a point for the pure convenience factor.

BigT - Luke's Inside Out - Austin, TX - Burger #4

8/10 - "The Burger". Great flavor. I've had it be less than excellent before. (IE cold raw ground beef in the middle) This time it was perfect.

Digger/Fairwinds Golf Club/Nanoose Bay B.C./Burger #2

Awesome Burger  9/10. Great pretzel bun.

BigT - Red's Porch - Austin, TX - Burger #3

7/10 - The "Manimal" burger. The thousand island dressing probably accounted for two points of the score.

BigT - Spicewood Tavern - Austin, TX - Burger #2

6/10 - The "SXSW" burger.

BigT - A&W - Denver, Co - Burger #1

3/10. Just a bacon cheeseburger. Normally I wouldn't consider fast food worthy of the blog, but it was memorable. I ate the burger at Mile High Stadium just before the coldest, longest game in NFL playoff history. A good way to start the challenge. Also, the wrapper was incredibly greasy, but strangely the burger was not...

pjtravels - Third Base - Round Rock, TX - burger #12

I like salt, but everything was over seasoned - burgers, fries, etc.
Sweet potatoes had an odd texture/flavor. Burger was unmemorable, and now I have a bitter taste in my mouth from the slaw.

Omg cake - burger burger - NYC - #6

Had ham and eggs on top. Trying to figure out the special sauce. Thousand island with something else perhaps?

7/10 - was a good burger

Beebs - milano's Greek restaurant - Springfield VA - #6

Plain hamburger with only ketchup, lettuce and tomatoes. Better than some of the frou-frou ones I've had

Beebs - Smash Burger - fairfax, va - #5

BBQ, cheddar, and onion strings