brownie/Pikes Peak Summit House/burger #36

Fwd: GZ BurgerFI Alpharetta GA #15

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Date: Fri, Jun 28, 2013 at 3:07 PM
Subject: GZ BurgerFI Alpharetta GA #15

Three burgers this week.  That is a lot for me.  Not so much for a Timko or a PittBrownie.

This place was connected to the parking of the Residence I was staying in, so I just walked over after a run.  They are doing the burger restaurant thing ... and they had several brews on tap.  I got the local IPA, chatted a bit with the GM who had just opened the place 6 weeks before.  8 out of ten - good price for the double burger (skipped the cheese), solid fries.

Sat out on the porch (under an overhang) and watched a great t-storm roll in.

GZ Blind Dog Cafe, Milton GA #14

They called it the "Edinburger" - and the whole place had an Irish theme to it.  

Decent burger - going to give it an 8 out 10 as they had G'knight on tap.  And the ambiance was excellent (not really Irish but they tried).

GZ Smashburger Alpharetta GA #13

Quick grab at the end of the day in getting to Atlanta.  Then back to the hotel to wolf it down before going to bed.

5/10.  Sweet potato fries were not bad but the burger seemed just fatty heavy.

brownie/Packer Saloon/Lake City, CO/burger #35

pjtravels - Portal Cafe - Kyoto, Japan - burger #32


I have to admit that I was skeptical getting a burger in Japan - at a cafe attached to a train station at that.  The eggplant, zucchini and bell peppers added to the flavor nicely.  

nutsandboltons - The Mucky Duck - Brighton - SH35

This Mucky Duck does not appear to be affiliated with the Mucky Duck in Monterey, CA.  I had the pork burger with bits of apple and herb.  I've been a huge fan of pork sausage in burgers ever since I discovered BB Rovers in Austin lets you swap out their beef patty for sausage.  This one didn't disappoint.  8/10.

HaVoCLaD - Steak and Shake - Round Rock - #31

4/10 nothing special

JohnF - Javelina Bar - Austin, Texas. - #26

I intended to take a couple weeks off from the challenge to do some healthy eating and flush some of the cholesterol out of my system. I did not make it very long. When there was a gathering at a place that was on a list of best burgers in Austin, I had to try it.

The Migas burger was a 1/2 lb mix of chuck and short ribs, with fried egg, tortilla strips, cheese, house sauce and a fresh toasted bun. The egg was a little runny, but that just meant the flavor seeped into everything. It was a good mix of flavors without overdoing anything. 9/10.

They had a beer and burger combo special on Thursday, but I have to thank one of the owners of the local Independence Brewery who happened to be sitting at the bar next to me when I ordered one of his competitors beers. He set me straight with a better local selection.

JP - Park Burger - Denver - #30

Burger was a sloppy, delicious mess! Fries too!

pjtravels - Moss Burger - Taipei, Taiwan - burger #31


Went here straight from the airport.  Alas, it wasn't as mind blowing this time around.  The rice patty bun is always a nice touch.

Fwd: Slow Ride - Brothers Kebab House - Swindon - kebab #28

Oops, forgot the pic:

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Date: Thu, Jun 20, 2013 at 6:39 AM
Subject: Slow Ride - Brothers Kebab House - Swindon - kebab #28
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4/10 because the jalapenos were a pleasant surprise but 1/10 otherwise.  Worst kebab thus far as noted here:

Read the Endless British Pub Crawl for all your drinking and running info

"You really ought to fly with me, you know. I'm a good pilot. I'd take care of you." --Orr, Catch-22

Slow Ride - Brothers Kebab House - Swindon - kebab #28

4/10 because the jalapenos were a pleasant surprise but 1/10 otherwise.  Worst kebab thus far as noted here:

Biliruben - East Side Cafe - ATX - #30

9 / 10

Name: the cheeseburger
Toppings: LTOPC(c)MuMa
Patty: 7 oz med rare
Taste: D-licious

Rayzor - Brad's Burgers - lampasas, tx - burger #20

Double cheeseburger: patties a little dry, but had decent flavor and nice char. Dressed with lettuce, tomato, and onion, good bun. Really good fries and o-rings. 7/10.

Biliruben - Orlando's - Lubbock, Tx - #29

7 / 10

Name: Cheeseburger in Paradise
Toppings: LTOPC(a)Mu
Patty: 2x 1/4 well
Taste: overall, a pretty tasty burger. The patties were seasoned nicely and appeared to be hand formed. The presentation is unique a they are served side by side on a toasted hoagie bun. Purportedly the 10th best in Texas by Texas Monthly. I'm not sure it is (yet). Ask me again when I've had 50 to rank.

pjtravels - Kraze Burger - Incheon, Korea - burger #30

7/10. Bulgogi burger.  It's actually with Bulgogi sauce vs the meat itself (unlike BurgerTex).  Good flavor, but the bun could have been fresher (may be due to airport location). 

Biliruben - Chimmy's - Lubbock, TX - #28

4 / 10

Name: The Chimmy Burger
Toppings: LOC(c)MuP
Patty: 1/3 well
Taste: For being "Lubbock's Best Burger", it falls flat. The meat has good flavor, but is just too dry. Toppings are diced and my preference is to have (fresh) sliced onions and tomatoes. Like the patty, the bun is also dry. Finally, having all condiments served in individual packets is annoying.

Wiley - Fat Cat's Tavern - St Petersburg FL - # 15

Somehow I found it more important to read the drink specials than photograph the cheeseburger I had, even though it was quite good.

JohnF - Flat Top Burger Bar - Austin, Tx - #25

East Austin burger joint built in the shell of a former gas station, with a bar. I upgraded the patty to grass-fed beef for a little charge. No frills, but  pretty good. 7/10

Timko - Krystal - Bourbon st, New Orleans - Burger #50

I was going to wait for a homemade burger for #50. But it's 3am in New Orleans and I can barely type. Angry Hooker on the left. A sack of 5 on the right. Almost as good as White Castle at 3am. 10/10 tonight. 1/10 tomorrow afternoon. Home made coming up soon. 100? Maybe. I love burgers.

nutsandboltons - Burger Shack - London - SH 32

This little stall is on the northeast end borough market.  Looked and smelled good good.  Staff was friendly and talkative.  Burger was very disappointing - bad meat, bland and dry bun.  I'd advise you to avoid this place, but I don't think it'll be an issue.  They'll be closed by the end of summer.


nutsandboltons - The Wheatsheaf - London - SH31

Talk about your pleasant surprises.  This place doesn't look like much, tucked away in a cellar off Southwark Street south of Borough Market.  I had the special, a beefy charcoal-grilled burger topped with a chorizo sausage with lettuce and paprika mayo.  It was served on a perfect bun that held together throughout, and came with a side salad made with very fresh vegetables, including bell pepper (which may not seem that impressive, but it took a good salad and made it amazing).  The fries were fantastic.  This is the best burger I've had since I started this challenge.