pjtravels - Top Notch - Austin, TX - burger #20

6/10. Nice flame grilled flavor, but lacked seasoning. Freshly fried okras were a great compliment.

Digger/ Lefty's/Parksville B.C./ Burger#9

Lefty's is a cool bar, the menus are left handed and there are left hand prints all over the place. Good burger, all fresh ingrediants. Point deducted for serving me a salad and potato wedges instead of proper french fries. 6/10.

Anthony - Shady Grove - Austin, TX - #12

6/10 - Green Chile Burger. Rating mostly because I'm annoyed any time I have to use a knife and fork with a burger. It was also tough to tell how good the patty tasted under all that.

#10 3rd base

3/10.....meh..... What I expected.

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Slow Ride - Bodrum Kebab House - Oxford - Kebab #10

6/10--chewy (not the chips which were cold and powdery) but the chilli sauce was decent...full write up here: http://1pumplane.wordpress.com/2013/02/27/bodrum-oxford-kpw-for-week-9/

nutsandboltons - New Moon Pub - London - SH#14

Burger with BBQ beef and creme fraiche.  It came out medium well because I forgot (yet again) to specify.  Even so, the flavor was all right, and BBQ was passable.  It was horribly messy, though.  Surpisingly, the tomato was really good.  I have no idea how they managed that in the middle of February, but gift horses and all that.  Extra point for good fries.


HaVoCLaD - Bill Gray's - Penfield, NY - #16


Bill Gray's is the home of the World's Greatest Cheeseburger!  (At one point they had this term trademarked, but it looks like that has fallen by the wayside.

Growing up I had this burger at least monthly.  For a time, it was our go-to Sunday dinner.  Naturally, during a quick trip back to Rochester, I had to stop in to mark Bill Gray's off of this challenge!

I had my usual, a cheesburger with extra onions, pickles, ketchup and hot sauce.  FYI - Rochester hot sauce is a tangy meat gravy sauce unique to Rochester (as far as I know).  The burgers are 5 oz, hand formed from fresh hamburg and cooked up on a flat grill.  Lots of charry goodness. The bun is big and fresh from DiPaulo's.

Unfortunately, they changed their onion rings for the worse.  The fries are still nice fat crinkle cuts so I didn't mark 'em down for the rings.

Jimd The Dive CSCO #10


Timko - Cuba Cuba - Boulder, CO - Burger #23

5/10 - for as much flavor as this was supposed to have, it didn't. Beef with some chorizo, cheese, jalapeño mayo, fried potato strings, lettuce, tomato, on a brioche bun. So many better items on the menu...

Digger/Earl's/Nanaimo B.C./ Burger # 8 (again)

I D.Q.'d the chicken Burger. Here is the Bronx Burger from Earl's. Very good. 7.5/10. Excellent Albino Rhino, it's a "pale ale". Get it?

Peter Pepper, Red's Porch, Austin, Burger #14

Had a Manimal which is a burger with grilled onions, cheese, the usual veggies and a thousand island sauce. Burgers which come out with perfectly formed vertical sides, like a hockey puck, are always suspect. I added bacon. The bacon was tough, the burger not pink enough and too "solid," that is lacking ooze. 6/10. Fries were pretty good.

JohnF - Top Notch - Austin, Texas - #11

Top Notch is a 40 year old burger joint in North Austin. The meat is grilled over an open flame by hand. In addition to the indoor dining room, it has one of the old style drive-in lots (not to be confused with drive through window). For those in the US, the drive-in is sort of like at Sonic where you park, order from the car, and wait for someone to bring out the order. Unlike Sonic, they do not seem to be trying to be retro, it's just infrastructure left over from the 70's.


brownie/Asheville Brewing/Beer City, NC/burger #16

The Toumbstone! With a Ninja Porter to wash it all down.

brownie/Black Mountain Ale House/Black Mountain, NC/burger #15

Post Mt. Mitchell Challenge burger. Yum!

nutsandboltons - Fine Burger Co - London - SH#13

(Not so) Fine Burger Co. was a big disappointment.  The burger was called the Double Red Hot, but the Jalapenos were weak, the chilli sauce was sweeter than it was hot, and the burger patty itself was bland.


Wiley - Red's porch - Austin, Texas - #11

Manimal add bacon.

Unlike prior reviews, I thought this burger was bland. The bacon barely had any flavor. 5/10

Worst burger I've had so far.

By the way, their Bloody Mary's are terrible too. Can't remember the last time I didn't like a BM. I don't think I've ever NOT liked my Bloody Mary.

Their jalapeño cheese poppers are the bomb dot com! Skip everything else and order poppers. They pack a punch!

JP - M.L. Rose Craft Beer & Burgers - Nashville -#6

Burger: Bacon Cheeseburger. Almost as much bacon as burger.

Beer: Lagunitas IPA tap

Omg cake - ├ępicetie Austin - #12

Regular cheeseburger. Omg it's actually grilled over a flame. Quite tasty outer crust. Burger really has no flavor internally. 6.5/10. Tasty, but needs more flavor

HaVoCLaD - Top Notch - ATX - #13


Rayzor - Red's Porch - austin, tx - burger #8

Border burger w/grassfed beef upgrade, med rare, jalapeno bun. Came out closer to medium, but with that beef still very nice. Serranos really spicy as usual. 8/10.

brownie/Spring Creek Tavern/Hot Springs, NC/burger #14

Incline bunny /Milts COS/ 9/10 #7

I gotta tell you .. This was the best burger yet.. Right on platte next to the wagon wheel bar .. I'm impressed .. Callicrate beef .. Heavenly

Anthony - Red's Porch - Austin, TX - #11

9/10 - The Manimal burger. I opted for the all-natural patty upgrade. Not sure if that made a difference, but this was a fine burger.

pjtravels - Evangeline Cafe - Austin, TX - burger #19

4/10. Meh - toasted bun was a nice touch, but the patty was underseasoned.

Miles - Ten Oak - Austin, TX - Burger #10

Original House-Stuffed Hamburger
Blue cheese and bacon stuffed super-fresh, hand formed chuck. served with a tenOak smoked-shallot sauce. Served on moonlight bakery wheat bun.  The bun was phenomenal!

Cheesehead - #4 - Moonie's - Austin

Hawaiian burger, love the buns here.

Omg cake - 5ivesteak JFK airport - #11

Had the NYC blue crush . Bun was a bit dry. Thought it was kind of meh until I bit into the blue cheese/burger/tomato combo. Then it tasted great. 7.5/10

Omg cake - five guys Brooklyn - #10

Surprisingly, five guys makes a pretty damn good burger. Not the best in the world, but still awesome. 8.5/10

Omg cake - the Irish American bar - #9

The sliders. Meh. A bit dry. Nothing special . 3/10

JimD Lark Burger #9

6/10. Good but nothing memorable

Wiley - Doc's - Austin, TX - #10

I ate number 10 at Doc's South Congress on Friday night. I wasn't even hungry but forced that thing down just to get it out of the way.
I took a photo, but somehow I thought I had already uploaded it and deleted it as I cleaned up my photos.
I'm still counting it, simply because I'm not a big fan of Doc's food in general since 90% of their stuff is "fried something", and I'd rather not eat another burger there.
In any case, it was a simple cheese burger, sub the regular cheese for blue cheese. Im sure you can picture it.
It was alright.

Missychel burger #9 24 diner, Austin, TX

spicy Pepper Burger: 7/10 .....not enough heat to warrant the name but pretty damn tasty.

Digger/Black Rock Resort/Ucluelet B.C./#8

This resort is owned by Jason Priestly, and I don't have to tell you he is! OK, maybe I do. He is from Vancouver, and was a star of Beverly Hills 90210(the original). The one with Tori Spelling and Shannon Doherty. Google those images if you want to scare yourself.
  Anyhow, I believe the Burger Challenge rules allow me one "Non Beef" burger, and this is it. A beautiful day, an ocean setting, and a fabulous chicken burger. 8/10.

Peter Pepper, Whataburger, Austin, Burger # 13

My brother was in town from Colorado and he apparently had to have Whataburger. I normally don't burger here often but it was a good burger. I ordered a single bacon cheeseburger with mayo instead of mustard. Veggies got in the way so I pulled my pickles right there in front of everyone. Solid 7/10 for a fast food burger. Bonus unscored points for chicks talking about wanting to buy my car and a huge photo of Barton Springs on he wall.

The best burgers in 25 cities


Timko - West End Tavern - Boulder, CO - Burger #22

5/10. Meh. People like this burger, it's one of my least favorites. Too handled/compressed. Bun OK.

Digger/Gary's Kitchen/Tofino B.C./Burger #7/ rating 1/10

A funny story. Gary's Kitchen is famous for the best crab in British Colombia.It's just a little hole in the wall Chinese Restaurant, but the crab boats deliver it fresh to them daily, and the Cantonese Dungeness Crab they serve was featured on 5 star Chef Lynn Crawford's TV show.
  Anyhow, we show up and they haven't got the crab in yet from the fishermen. Since I already had a beer on the go and was starving, I decided to take one for the team and ordered the burger. I believe it was a frozen Schneider's Burger pattie on a WonderBread bun with frozen McCain fries.
The girls, however, ordered Chinese food and it was excellent.
  So the plan is back later tonight for the Cantonese Crab!

Wimpy/ La Torta / La Mesa CA / #6

Hamburgesa con bacon & avocado: 9 / 10

Animoul / La Torta / La Mesa, CA / #6

La Hamburgesa: 10 / 10

Peter Pepper, Casino el Camino, Austin, Burger #12

Nothing like grabbing a beer and a 1/2 pound burger before hitting a show on Red River to fill the gut with more beer. I've been know to take half with me and bust it out at the bar later. Not this night. I powered through my go-to medium rare Amarillo burger (the one with serranos) and split an order of chili fries. As usual about an hour wait but it's worth it. Solid burger and cooked properly pink. 8/10.

HaVoCLaD - Hat Creek Burger Co. - ATX - #12


My first trip to the Bee Caves location of Hat Creek Burger Co.

I had the Big Hat (LTOK) with American Cheese.

The burger was good and juicy.  The bun was plain, but well grilled.  The fries were pretty spectacular.

Lulu - Freddie's Place - Austin, TX - #8

I don't feel like I can accurately score this burger.... I ate too many chip before it. :(

brownie/Mountain Shadow/Old Colorado City/burger #13

Meh. At least the beer was really good.

nutsandboltons - Gamston Wood Farm, Borough Market - London - SH#12

Springbok (Antelope) burger with mustard, mayo, and cranberry sauce.  Also, white cheddar, lettuce, and onions.  I've had a number of burgers from this place, and while my favorite is the zebra, I haven't been disappointed yet (unless you count the time I undercooked the kangaroo burger).  There's something very honest and frank about the taste of the game meat in their burgers.  The springbok was good, but it wasn't quite as good as the reindeer burger they were serving over the holidays (festive!).  Add to that the fact that they don't melt the cheese on the burger and they're really only serving them as a way to get you to buy raw meat from their butcher's case, and you're docked a copule points.  I'd have expected the three sauces to be a little too much, but they actually work very well together, perhaps because the homemade cranberry sauce was used sparingly.  Add it all up and you've got an above average burger with perhaps below average
presentation.  If I were grading the meat by itself, we'd be looking at a 9 or better, so you're better off getting some raw patties and doing them at home.


The Moose Cracker Barrel, Fredericksburg, VA #6

The Moose - Cracker Barrel, Fredericksburg, VA #6 They have one cheese bacon burger. Impressed with size of patty, bigger than bun. Thinking this would probably be much yummier if not "well done" - flavor was great, bun stayed in one piece, bacon was crunchy as requested. I just have issues with red meat. Their hash browns are amazing. Lost my burger partner on this one. 6/10