pjtravels - Satellite Bistro - Austin, TX - burger #39

6/10. Decent burger, not memorable. Good ketchup.

Slow Ride - Chick-O-Land - Devises, Wiltshire - kebab #47

7/10 Awesome, muttony blob of meat and chips and a decently hot sauce.  I thoroughly disgusted the DFLs of the Devizes Half Marathon eating this in front of them (after I had already visited two pubs, as well...I could have lapped these mofos).  Full review here: http://1pumplane.wordpress.com/2013/10/21/chick-o-land-devizes-wiltshire-kpw-for-week-43/

JohnF - The Loose Moose - Toronto - #30

In Austin, a "buffalo burger" usually means it is a beef patty smothered in the sauce used with buffalo chicken wings. But here was an actual buffalo meat patty topped with bacon which made up for the fat content lost due to the leaner bison meat.

Extra point for the slice of bacon baked into the bun on top . 9/10

JohnF - The Burger's Priest - Toronto - #29

This place was referred to me by a local. The burger was called the High Priest or something like that. 7/10

pjtravels - Mettle - Austin, TX - burger #38


Solid burger, great garlic aioli. Burger came with fries. Not worth paying extra for the fries.

Burger Challenge related

As I am on the kebab version of the 50 Burger Challenge AND as there is a firefighter strike this weekend this seemed like a relevant share for the group:

Slow Ride - Botley Road Kebab Stand - Oxford - kebab #46

7/10  The weak link was the meat, and even that wasn't too bad.  Fuller review at http://1pumplane.wordpress.com/2013/10/17/botley-road-kebab-stand-oxford-kpw-for-week-42/
For an alternative fast meal, you might try this:

Biliruben - Bartlett's - ATX - #39

7 / 10

Name: Classic Cheeseburger
Toppings: LTOC(c)Mu
Patty: 1/2 MR (cooked to order)
Taste: very tasty. There's only one problem: why wouldn't you get the prime rib instead?

Slow Ride - Moredon Charcoal Grill - Swindon - kebab #45

7/10  Decent snack before polluting a hash trail with bogus markings.  The full write-up has some grand google street images from the originally targeted curry house:  http://1pumplane.wordpress.com/2013/10/10/moredon-charcoal-grill-swindon-kpw-week-41/

Animoul / Fish House / Del Mar, CA / #33

Hamburger: 10 / 10

Biliruben - The Boathouse Grill - ATX - #38

7 / 10

Name: the chicken fried steak sandwich
Toppings: LTMu + 1 chicken fried steak
Patty: chicken fried
Taste: did I mention it was chicken fried?

pjtravels - Shake Shack - Westport, CT - burger #37


It was pure genius to add the cheese-stuffed fried mushroom to the cheeseburger. 

Biliruben - RC Fowlers - ATX - #37

2 / 10

Name: RC burger
Toppings: LTOPMuC(c)
Patty: 8 oz dry
Taste: extremely uneventful