JP - ML Rose West - Nashville - #38

Bacon Cheeseburger, added egg. Good bar burger

Lagunitas IPA

nutsandboltons - Randall & Aubin - London - SH43

Tried the BBQ fois gras beef burger at their tent at the FEAST festival in Battersea Park.  It was light, with subtle flavors and a fantastic sweet brioche bun.  I'd have it again, and at £5, it was a pretty good deal.


Full write-up of the festival at

nutsandboltons - Burger Bliss - London - SH42

From a stand at the Great British Beer Festival.  Typical carnival food.  5/10.  Full write-up on the beer fest at

nutsandboltons - Hoxton Grill - London - SH41

They call this place an "American Style Grill," which apparently means ponytails and sneakers are ok to wear with cocktail dresses as your waitstaff uniform.  I don't get it.  I also don't really get the burger here - it looked fantastic, with a thick, juicy patty, bleu cheese, and jalapenos.  It just didn't deliver.  A weird choice of herbs in the grind and crappy British bacon made this a disappointing experience.  The fries were good, though.


Biliruben - Gordoughs - ATX - #34

9 / 10

Name: The Ron Burgendy
- donut bun
- beef patty
- fried egg
- cilantro
- tomato
- mayo
- whole grain mustard
Patty: w. done marinated 1/3 lb
Taste: awesome

brownie/Wines of Colorado/Cascade, CO/burger #47

JP - Greenhouse Bar - Nashville - #37

Cheeseburger w/ Benton's bacon

Lagunitas IPA

JP - 1808 Grille - Nashville - #36

Burger with White Cheddar

Markers Mark.

Timko - Goodtimes - Silverthorne, CO - Burger #61

3/10 - figured I had diarrhea already, why not.

nutsandboltons - Five Guys - London - SH40


The first time I had a burger from Five Guys it was in their Austin location.  I don't know if they were having an off day or what, but I didn't see the point.  I certainly wasn't as excited as <a href="">this guy</a>.  They seem to have realized they need to bring their A game to the UK, though, because the cheese up in there was most definitely going HAM.  Double patty, double cheese, grilled mushrooms, bacon, and (weak) jalapenos.  It was much, much better than I was expecting.  Even the cajun fries were better than I remembered.  At £8.75 for just the burger (over $12!) it's a little too pricey for what you get.  If you're near this place and want a better burger for a better price, go to Meat Market in Covent Garden.  Still, 7/10.


Slow Ride - LB Lebanese Cuisine - Oxford - kebab #36

9/10 and only losing most of that point for the general experience, which was my fault for picking this up while in the middle of a 6 mile run...but the meal suffered for it. This is probably the only healthy kebab I've had this year (including the one I made at home). Review at:

Slow Ride - Poseidon - Oxford - kebab #35

6/10 Not too bad but the staff are like cartoon character Turkish guys...well worth suffering the so-so food (details at )

Rayzor - Fuddruckers s. lamar - austin, tx - burger #24

1/2 lb. Inferno. They have a toppings bar, which is cool, but the burger was meh. I guess I should have tried the bison patty. This location is closed now, I think. 5/10.