Biliruben - Hat Creek - ATX - #36

6 / 10

Name: Little Hat Burger
Toppings: LTOPC(a)
Patty: 1/4 medium rare
Taste: mostly pretty good. Not a fan of the black pepper they add.

Wiley - Burger Fi - Austin TX - #22

Don't quite see what the big hype is.
It's not THAT good.
And $12 for burger and fries... Yeah, no.

GZ Burger 22, JJ Foley's, Boston MA

a Dogfish 60 to go with it.  Excellent.  Good to be back in North America.  8/10.

GZ Burger 21, some pub in Dublin Ireland

And yes, that is a Guinness.

Slow Ride - Ruchi - Swindon - kebab #43

Mixed kebab was on the starter menu from a curry shack in the neighbourhood, but was pretty good (especially succulent sheek kebab portions).  Review here.
The big, soupy boat of stuff is a lamb vindaloo--spicy but not unpleasantly so.  Try the pall if you want a heat challenge, though.

Slow Ride - Diamond Kebab - Gloucester - kebab #42

4/10 - The meat was flavour free and similarly without texture, the chilli sauce looked like salsa but had no kick at all.  Still, I needed something on my stomach before the three pints I would down before the big race of the evening (details of the kebab shop here, and the pub stops here, here, and here):

Re: GZ Burger 20, Bistro 14, Pessac France

It was actually a steak on the bun and not a burger.  I am not sure if this makes it better or more of a problem.  Tasty in any case.

Corrected pic.

It was actually a steak on the bun and not a burger.  I am not sure if this makes it better or more of a problem.  Tasty in any case.

Slow Ride - Curry Cottage - Swindon - kebab #41

0.5/10 Absolutely shit.  Unusual for them...too bad I'm never going to find out if this was only a one-time fuck-up.  Review here:

GZ Burger 20, Bistro 14, Pessac France

It was actually a steak on the bun and not a burger.  I am not sure if this makes it better or more of a problem.  Tasty in any case.

GZ Burger #19, some place in Bordeuax France

Actually not bad for France.  7/10.

Skipped the tartar though.

Slow Ride - Best Burritoz - Swindon - kebab #40

6/10 Suitably disgusting, but therapeutic (been working out with some British baseball teams that needed an extra body during my vacation and have been living relatively cleanly for this weeklong vacation).  Go Badgers.  Review of the meal (and link to news story about the unclean conditions at the sister store, now closed) here:

Animoul / Ram's Head Tavern / BWI Airport, MD / #31

Dynamite burger: 10 / 10

nutsandboltons - The Draft House (Seething) - London - SH47

Jimmy McMillan might say this burger is too damn high.  I might be inclined to agree with him.  I ordered the Poke, which came with crushed birds-eye chiles.  While the heat level was repsectable, the burger itself was just north of average, mainly because it was so difficult to eat (on account of being too damn high).  The fries were among the best I've had in London, though, and their eclectic beer selection is a refreshing change from all the Young's and Fuller's owned establishments.


Animoul / Issac's Pub / Solomons, MD / # 30

California burger: 10 / 10

JP - The Old Fashioned - Madison - #40

One of my favorite pubs in the US! House Burger. Amazing! The best reason to come do Ironman Wisconsin!

Beer: Tyranena Brewing Hop Whore

Biliruben - Spicewood Tavern - ATX - #35

6 / 10

Name: cheeseburger
Toppings: LTOPC(c)Mu
Patty: 1/3 Well
Taste: ok. Patty was ok but I had ordered it medium rare. Toppings were fresh and the Dijon mustard has gives it a nice flavor.

Animoul / Monterey Bay Cannery / Oceanside, CA / #27

ABC burger: 10 / 10

nutsandboltons - Shake Shack Covent Garden - London - SH46

This place is apparently some sort of big deal in New York?  I don't see it.  Food's good, but not worth raving over.  They've been open for almost two months in the heart of the West End, and they're still disorganized and seem to be a little out of their depth on the seating situation.  Maybe some signage would help - "enter here," "exit here," "place order then find a table."  Something like that.  In any event, I'm marking them down a point for not having their sh*t together.  If you're in this part of town, go to Meat Market instead.  The burgers are better and you won't have to climb over people to get to your seat.


nutsandboltons - Eddie Rockets - Killarney - SH45

Eddie Rockets is an Irish take on the 50s American Diner.  It gets it at least as right as any number of places I've been in the states.  Juke boxes at each table tied into the audio system, burgers, fries, shakes, and dogs.  The parmesan fries and rings weren't very good, but the Atomic Burger was quite tasty (and almost had enough kick to warrant the 'atomic' label).

8/10 (extra point for atmosphere)

nutsandboltons - Bridge Bar, Gatwick Airport - London - SH44

Breakfast burger before an early flight to Dublin.  The beef patty was good, and the bacon, cheddar, and fried egg all worked well together.  For airport food, it was really quite good.