Digger/Earl's/Nanaimo, B.C./Burger # 12

Earl's is a great place for a consistently good burger.Washed down with an Albino Rhino Lager. 8/10

nutsanboltons - Wimpy - Southend-on-Sea - SH27

Ordered some sort of hickory burger.  Thin patty, a little weak on flavor but ok.  BBQ sauce was on par with
most of the fast food places in the states, which is to say I'm very
surprised it didn't absolutely suck.  Toppings were fresh.  Chocolate milkshake was pretty terrible, but that's not what I'm reviewing.  All things considered, 4/10.

JP - Casa de JP - Lafayette CO - #22

Burger: Busted out the grill! Grilled onions, applewood smoked Cheddar, pub mustard.

Pev - The Keg - Manitou, CO - Burger#27


Pev - Marigolds - CSCO - Burger#26

Great Burger. Go here if youre headed to get boned at the Tbone. 8/10

Pev - Front range BBQ - Brownies Hood - Burger #25

Bracket busted. 6/10

Pev - Hamburger Marys - Denver, CO - Burger#24

Decent for a guy dressed like a girl. Guard your backside. 7/10

Pev - Texas T-bone - CSCO - Burger#23

If you need a local burger for the challenge you better hurry up and hit this place up. With its 13 dollar burgers that are worth about 4, this place will be out of business faster than Deweys... even if they actually pay their tax bill.. I think I got boned. 2/10

Pev - Wooglins - CSCO - Burger#22

Always a solid choice. If they had fries here I'd frequent it more often. 6/10

HaVoCLaD - Dave and Busters - Austin - #25


Hadn't eaten dinner at D&B in 5 years, I didn't remember the food being all that great so I figured I might as well cross a burger off the list, amiright?

The South Philly Burger on the menu caught my eye and I asked the server who confirmed that it was really good and popular.  I'm not a big fan of weird burgers, but something about it spoke to me so I went with it.

it's pretty much just what it sounds like -  a philly cheesesteak sandwich on top of a 1/2# burger.  That's thinly sliced steak, onions, mushrooms, peppers and american cheese for those of you not in the know.

I was going to give this a nine as they deviated from the ideal philly by not using cheese wiz, but here it is a day later and I can't stop thinking about it and planning on when I'm going to have another.

That's a clear 10/10 in my book.  I'm halfway done with this challenge and this is the best burger I've had so far this year.

HaVoCLaD - Bone Daddy's House of Smoke - Austin - #23


Got the basic 1/2# cheeseburger.  It came with bacon, cheddar and honeysuckle grilling sauce along with "the usual stuff."  Beer by Shiner.

This was a good burger. Nice and juicy, fresh ingredients.  The sauce was tasty but nowhere near overwhelming.

Fwd: HaVoCLaD - ZTejas - Austin - #23


Hickory Burger -  A half pound burger. Hickory BBQ sauce with Jack and Cheddar.  Onions/pickles/bacon and jalapeno mayo thrown in because, why not?

It was pretty good, but just a bit much for me on this particular night.  It could score higher if I get around to trying it again.  A little too big, too much BBQ sauce dripping everywhere, too much cheese.  Too much going on, they should kick a few tastes off of the island on this one.

+1 for steak fries, those were awesome.

Anthony - Circuit of the Americas - Austin, TX - #21

Juicy's burger 6/10: ridiculously overpriced, and I kept envying Lulu's corn dog. Ah well, the race was good.

Anthony - Esquire Grill - Sacramento airport, CA - #20

Airport bacon cheeseburger 7/10: decent burger, if a bit overpriced.

JP - Tom's Urban 24 Diner - Denver - #21

Burger: green chile, pepper jack, avocado, chipotle mayo

Sweet potato fries with chili dipping sauce was awesome.

$13.50 Ouch. Good burger. Not that good!

nutsandboltons - Marks & Spencer - London - SH26

Surprisingly good burger for a supermarket lunch counter.  Thick patty, good flavor.  Cheese and bacon were both better than passable.  Potato wedges were a bit typical, but also a bit fresher than I'd expected.  Overall 6/10.  Let's hope this one was the slump-breaker I've been looking for.

Peter Pepper, 24 Diner, Austin, Burger #22

Ordered the Patty Melt which is served on the bread with caramelized onions. It was tasty but the bread was a bit tough on the crust. Side of Mac n cheese was good but not up to par for 24 Diner. 7.5/10

Slow Ride - Cirencester Best Kebab - Cirencester, Gloucestershire - kebab #19

7/10 -> very good dinner after chasing a Hash trail found by accident.  Full write up here (with links to pubs on my unsuccessful HHH hunt in that write up). 

Peter Pepper, Joe's Place and Connie's Beer Garden, Austin, Burger #21

First time for lunch at Joe's Place and this is a hidden gem for lunch and happy hour.  Check it out for yourself. Had the meatloaf burger and this thing was sloppy delicious and juicy with grilled onions and this hidden blue cheese snap that surprises with every bite. Connie even positions the plate so the "rocket fries" (spicy fries) acquire the tasty juices as they drip.  This place is the bomb.  9/10!

Beebs - Indian museum - Washington, D.C. - #15

Sliders, buffalo, turkey, bison
Score: 4, 7, 4
Buffalo and bison were too tough, turkey had goat cheese sauce, which brings up the points

nutsandboltons - Southwark Tavern - London - SH25

Cheeseburger and fries, add pulled pork.  Adding the BBQ was a bad idea, since it was horrible.  Burger itself was a little better, but overall still just 4/10.  Seems I'm in a slump lately.

JohnF - Barney's Gourmet Burgers - San Francisco - #17

Bacon and cheddar. 7/10

JP - Three Pints Brewing - Plainfield IN - #20

Burger: bacon, caramelized onions, Cheddar, blue cheese, tomato.

Beer: house Izzy's IPA

Burger looked like fuck but was really good. Beer too. Maybe it's because I got up at 4:30a, had a connector flight through Chicago to get to Indy, ran 10 after checking and it's dinner time and this is the first food that's crossed my lips. I'm now on east coast time and will make no qualms about hitting pillows at 8p. The End.

brownie/Townhouse Lounge/Manitou/burger #25


Miles - Smash Burger - Austin, TX - Burger #15

Avocado Club
This burger doesn't come with any cheese on it, but it doesn't really need it.  The burger was slightly too salty for my liking, but overall it had a great flavor.

Biliruben - Elevation Burger - ATX - #23

5 / 10

Name: The Elevation Burger
Toppings: LTOPC(c)
Patty: 2x 1/4 med well
Taste: not my favorite. They may be using a marinade that taste funny to me. Also, cheddar is a tasty cheese, but one should not endeavor to melt it.

JP - Brewhouse 100 - Nashville - #19

Burger: Jalapeño bacon, American cheese

Beer: Lagunitas IPA

The beer and bacon were awesome. The burger, not so much.

nutsandboltons - Mo's Burgers - London - SH24

This place is a little food stand near the Canada Water tube/bus station.  As these things go, it started off ok, with the smell of onions grilling on the portable griddle making my mouth water.  Alas, cut-rate condiments ruined what would otherwise have been an average burger.  The awful mayo made the chips inedible, which is a shame because they could have been excellent.  They used clean oil and served them piping hot.  Also, the can of Dr Pepper I ordered was covered in all manner of unidentifiable grit.  Nasty.


Timko - CHUBurger - Longmont, CO - Burger #34

6/10 - not worth leaving the Boulder bubble for. This is Oskar Blues new burger only bar. The bun seemed like its been sitting on the griddle for hours, dry, instead of toasted. Meat overdone. Fries and OR "meh". The only thing it has going is all the Oskar Blues beer on tap and a Galaga arcade machine.

JohnF - Balboa Cafe - San Francisco - #16

This was the closest place to where i was on a list of best burgers in the city.
The burger meat was good, but it was served on a French baguette. This was a little too fancy for me. Sorry, but hamburgers weren't meant to be served on baguettes.

nutsandboltons - The Clipper - London - SH23

This isn't the worst burger in London, but it's certainly down there on
the list.  Curiously, given that the fries and patties were obviously
sysco-style frozen bulk jobbies, the vegetables in the salad were quite
fresh and really good, especially for early spring produce.  Too bad
they didn't have any proper salad dressing.  Since this isn't the 50
salads challenge, they get a 3/10.  If you ever find yourself standing
in front of this pub at mealtime, walk 2 minutes north (to the Blacksmith's Arms for Thai) or about 5 minutes
south (to the Orange Bull for a burger which I've already written up
here) for much better food.

JP - My ABRH test kitchen - Nashville - #18

Burger: Sometimes if you want it done right, you do it yourself. We were playing around in the test kitchen trying to do an In-N-Out Double Double knock off. Best burger I've had this year!

JohnF - Hopdoddy's Burger Bar - Austin, Tx - #15

The Terlingua Burger. Topped with chili, cheese, and fritos. 7/10

Biliruben - Texas Land and Cattle, Lakeline - ATX - #22

5 / 10

Name: Mushroom and Swiss
Toppings: MLTOMuC(s)
Patty: 1/4, med well
Taste: salty

Miles - PhD - Dallas, TX - Burger #14

Hangover Burger
Even with them over-cooking it, this was still such a juicy, and tasty burger, it was just ridiculous!  It's the first time I've ever had a well-done burger that tasted this good.

BBQ (not burger) to put in your note pads

Sorry for the off-topic (won't be offended by a delete), but an old and very annoying, in most instances, friend who doesn't know much but know's food and all kinds of decent BBQ (Georgia girl with a significant bit of youth in Dallas TX) recommends this pretty highly in North Hollywood: http://www.mikkibrisk.com/food/texas-best-bbq-in-noho/ 

Read the Endless British Pub Crawl for all your drinking and running info

"You really ought to fly with me, you know. I'm a good pilot. I'd take care of you." --Orr, Catch-22

Slow Ride - The Rainbow Takeaway - Faringdon, Oxfordshire - kebab #18

Faringdon is blessed with bars and cursed by their food purveyors.  This was disgusting (not so much so that I couldn't finish...there's starving kids in Appalachia and all).  Full write up here.

Here's a shot of the kebab walking toward the Faringdon Folly and looking back into the town centre, somewhere over the Rainbow:

nutsandboltons - Red Dog Saloon - London - SH22

Went with the Heat Seeker, and was sorely disappointed with the level of heat.  When I see habaneros on the menu, I expect them to actually be
in the food, not just in its vicinity at some point during production. 
The bun was falling apart, but I blame that on the delivery time and juiciness of the meat.  On the plus side, I
didn't have to order it medium rare; it just came that way.  The patty
itself had a rich beefy flavor.  The meaty beans I ordered as a side were excellent.  I think this would have been much
better at the restaurant.  I'll be going back at some point to try the
Punisher (burger w/Bacon and pulled pork on top).  Highly recommend this place for BBQ if you're in London and need to scratch that specific
itch, but this burger was just barely above average:


Full write-up on this place from a previous visit here:  http://nutsandboltons.com/food/node/17

nutsandboltons - Belgo - London - SH21

Good burger for a traditional Belgian place that specializes in steamed
mussels.  Thick patty, solid bun, easily compressible to fit in your
mouth.  The two things Belgians are known for - fries and beer, so the
fries are predictably awesome with ketchup or mayo, or by themselves. 
The real star here is the beer, though.  All manner of Trappist goodness
and a few I'd never heard of.  The Kasteel Rouge is a must-have, and if
you're not driving, get them to mix a bottle of Bush's 12% (yeah, you
heard that right - 12 PERCENT) and Lindemans Peche.  Burger by itself is
a solid 7, plus two points for the beer.


Rayzor - 24 Diner - austin, tx - burger #15

Burger week special: sauteed spring onions, braised (THICK) bacon, "double cream" blue cheese, garlic aioli on Easy Tiger bun. Very, very good (excellent meat, perfectly cooked), but almost too much with all the stuff. 9/10

megabootay - ZAX - Austin, TX - #18

The South Texas Burger
Mustard, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, and avocado on a wheat bun.
It tasted as delicious as it looked. ZAX is one of my favorite lunch spots. This confirms why. The burger was perfectly cooked and the toppings were all fresh. I only gave it a 9 because it was a little too much mustard for me. The fries at ZAX are awesome, too.

megabootay - Black Star Co-Op - Austin, TX - #17

I have a picture of a burger on my phone. I have a receipt for a burger. But, I don't remember this burger AT ALL. Surely I ate it. It looks like it was tasty. But yea...this was in the midst of a bachelorette party brew tour. So...your guess is as good as mine.

megabootay - Austin Java - Austin, TX - #16

The Shroom n' Swiss
Mushroom, Swiss, Ranch, tomato, and lettuce on a wheat bun.
Austin Java is a regular lunch joint for me and my old work husband (we have since gone our separate ways. ::sigh::) I figured it would be good. And it was REALLY good. Granted, I had been dumped earlier that week and was drinking mass amounts of alcohol from Tuesday on. So, maybe we shouldn't trust my taste on this one? But I enjoyed it tremendously.

megabootay - Doc's Motorworks - Austin, TX - #15

Tort Burger
Guacamole, cheddar cheese & pico de gallo, served on flour tortillas.
This is one of my regulars...both Doc's and the Tort Burger. Greasy and yummy as always. Love that it comes with queso and chips, because Doc's queso is actually really good.

Anthony - BJ's - Elk Grove, CA - #19

Cuban Burger - 6/10: This one's not on the menu any more, but they'll still make it. The ham and pickle help disguise the sad patty.

Anthony - Woody's - Port A, TX - #18

Bacon cheeseburger - 7/10: The burger was okay, the beer was cold, and we were on the water. Not a bad afternoon.

Anthony - Hopdoddy - Austin, TX - #17

(Catching up on some posting)

Classic w/ bacon and cheese - 7/10: I really wanted to like this better. The patty was juicy, but needed to be seared more to bump up the score.

Anthony - Z Tejas - Austin, TX - #16

Z Burger - 6/10 Nice bun, but the burger was bland. Definitely needed some char.

Peter Pepper, In-N-Out Burger, Dallas TX, Burger #20

Headed to Arkansas we passed two In-N-Out Burger joints and I took note to grab one on the return trip. Only I used Apple Maps so we passed the first one and almost missed the second one until I realized the directions sucked so bad that I must be using Apple Maps.

pjtravels - Caffe Mac - Austin, TX - burger #28

Kelley Burger. Toppings were awesome - crispy bacon, sweet grilled onions. Docked points for dry cibatta bread and patty.