Digger/Lefty's/Qualicum Beach B.C./Burger #10

There is a burger here,hidden behind the home fries. And a really good burger as well.Deduct 1 point for serving me a salad, another for nothaving a deep fryer. Can you believe it? No deepfryer.

JohnF - Five Guys - Austin, Tx - #13


brownie/Cactus Jack's/Evergreen, CO/burger #21

All their burgers are named after Widespread Panic songs! This gives them an eleven point bonus on a scale that only goes to ten.

Timko - Cactus Jack's - Evergreen, CO - Burger #32


Burger with grilled cheese as a bun. I thought it wouldn't be handheld edible but it was. Great meat and done perfect. Best of all it was Free because Brownie is a wanker and owed me because Pitt sucks.

pjtravels - Freddie's Steakburgers - Austin, TX - burger #26

6/10. Surprisingly fresh toppings, really liked the pickles. Recommend a double. Don't forget the Oreo custard sandwich.

HaVoCLaD - Pluckers - Cedar Park, TX - #22


The Bypass Burger - bacon, cheddar, grilled onions, jalapenos, tomato and a full head of lettuce, shredded.

Asked for the burger medium and in a surprise it came mid-rare.

This burger was tiny, I'd be surprised if out was more than a quarter pound, the bun was oversized. Luckily I started reading it on the correct side, the burger ran out and I had over half the bun left.

Stick with the wings here, or the salads. They are surprisingly good.

HaVoCLaD - Texican Cafe - Cedar Park, TX - #21


Found myself in this Mexican place and not particularly feeling like Mexican so I might as well sample a burger, right?

The Mexican cheeseburger sounded interesting. The combo of jalapenos, fritos & green chili sauce tasted great but the burger was small and overcome by the toppings.

Rayzor - Dan's Hamburgers Manchaca - austin, tx - burger #13

Jalapeno cheeseburger. Nice thin griddle burger, good toasted bun, good fries. 6/10.

Timko - LePeep - Boulder, CO - Burger #31

5.5/10 - the bacon was good.

pjtravels - Dan's - Austin, TX - burger #25

6/10. Decent burger, nicely toasted bun, amazing chocolate malt.

Pev - Rockyard Brewing- Castle Rock, CO Burger#21

Beer here. 5/10

Pev - Smashburger- CSCO Burger#20

Running low on burger places near work so I'm posting Smashed burger. Fried green chilies are pretty good. Weird egg bun drops this to a 5/10

Pev - Laughing Ladies Cafe- Salida, CO Burger#19

I was forced to eat any a place called the laughing ladies. Typical brunch place women seem to like. I always hate brunch because you can't get real food. Case in point this burger came with potatoes. Bacon was good keeping it at a 5/10

Pev - The Fritz - Salida, CO Burger#18

Horrible service... Mooseburger was pretty good though. 6/10

Biliruben - Big'z - SATX - #20

8 / 10

Name: Daily Special
Toppings: LOTPQuesoEMu
Patty: 1/2 medium
Taste: sloppy and tasty. I would have preferred the patty being seasoned more.

JP - Merchant's - Nashville - #15

Burger: The end all, be all of burgers! So good! House made pimento cheese, bacon, egg. Awesome sweet potato fries with house made maple ketchup! You get what you pay for with this $14 burger!

Beer: Caldera IPA

Austin (ATX) Best Burgers

For Austin Folks looking for burger suggestions.
Austin Monthly published its list of Austin's best burgers:

Bar Mirabeau - Off the menu burger

Phil's Icehouse - Mini Burger Sampler Basket

Mulberry - Hamburger with Pancetta, gruyere, Tomato, egg

The Jackalope - Chipotle Bacon Cheeseburger

Counter Cafe - Counter Burger

Nau's Enfield Drug - Bacon Burger

The Peached Tortilla  - The Japajam

Dirty Martins - O.T.Special

Black Sheep Lounge - Black Buffalo Burger

Foriegn & Domestic - Wagyu Burger

East Side Showroom - Grassfed Blue Burger

Hut's Hamburger - The Wolfman Jack

Jasper's - Lonestar Tenderloin/Brisket Bacon Burger

Wholly Cow Burgers - Heavenly Double with Cheese

Dan's Hamburgers - Jalapeno Burger

All Star Burger - Pacific Coast Burger

Dog & Duck Pub - Artichoke Pesto Burger

Your Mom's Burger Bar- Chi Cheng Burger

Jack Allen's Kitchen - Green Chile Cheeseburger

These burgers were also mentioned, but do not qualify for the 50 burger challenge since there is no red meat.

Flattop Burger Shop- Chicken Cheeseburger

Blue Star Cafeteria - Grilled Garden Burger 

Hoppdoddy - Ahi Tuna Burger

Austin Java- The Ladybird  (turkey)


Rayzor - Cricket's Grill - waco, tx - burger #12

Spicy Baja Burger, 1/2 lb. Asked for mid rare, but came out medium. Not bad, not great, but adding a point for guac. 6/10

Miles - Boat House Grill - Austin, TX - Burger #13

Double Cheeseburger
Pretty standard double cheeseburger, but it was prepared well.

Miles - Threadgill's - Austin, TX - Burger #12

Cheddar Burger
This burger was over-cooked, dry, and flavorless.

brownie/Oscar's/CSCO/burger #20

Awesome burger with a local microbrew (PBR). Added bonus that I get to watch the Pitt and Bucknell games!

megabootay - Mighty Fine - Austin, TX - #11

1/4 Hamburger with Cheese
Red, Yeller, & White, Sliced Onions, Sliced Tomatoes, & Shredded Lettuce
I was SXSHungover. I needed grease. Mighty Fine it was.

megabootay - Gourdough's Public House - Austin, TX - #10

El Camino
Angus beef, chipotle cheese blend, chipolte mayo, pickled jalapenos, bacon, cilantro, sliced tomato, & fried onions...on a donut!!!
At first, I questioned the donut theme at Gourdough's Public House. But it has quickly become my new favorite 'fatty' place. I only planned on eating half and taking the rest home. Um...yea. Sure, that happened. It was donutalicious and I loved every bite of it.

Beebs - Ledo's pizza - Springfield, va - burger #12

Blue cheese burger, 3/10. Most burgers lately have been too dry for my taste. This one was way too greasy, meat tasted weird. They put mayo on it after I asked for none. Only saving grace was the ciabatta bun. Moral: do not order hamburgers at a pizza joint. 'Course, their pizza sucks, too.

GZ Houlohan's, Dubuque Iowa. Burger number 8

This place had more salad dressings than beers on tap.  That ought to be against some law or something.


GZ Colorado Sports Bar, DIA Concourse B, Denver CO. Burger number 7

Sweet potato fries and a Ranger ... always makes the burger better.  First burger since Jan 31.  That's right, zero in Feb.

Rayzor - Joe's Place - fayetteville, tx - burger #11

Old Fashioned Cheeseburger, med rare. Decent burger properly cooked, but the beef was a little bland. 6/10

Peter Pepper, Zax Pints and Plates, Austin, Burger #15

Ate this burger at Zax a few weeks ago.  Don't remember the name of my particular selection but apparently it had avocados on it. I remember it being pretty tasty so 8/10.

Peter Pepper, P. Terry's, Austin, Burger #

Not a photo of the burger but just the aftermath because I totally Hasselhoffed this burger after the final night of drinking during SXSW.  It used to be a double with cheese, no lettuce add onions.  Peanut butter chocolate shake kicks ass.  9/10

Peter Pepper, P Terry's Hamburgers, Austin, Burger #16

Biliruben - Estado Puro - Madrid, ESP - #19

6 / 10

Mini-burgers were ok, but certainly not my favorite. None the less, the novelty was certainly a plus.

Jimd Shamrock Brewing Co- Pueblo Co- #13

8/10. With Irish champ for St Pats day.

Timko - Buffalo Wild Wings - Superior, CO - Burger #29

1/10 - garbage grey patty. Shit. Worst out of the 29 I've had so far this year. Odell IPA was my only salvation. Ugly bartender...looked like Brownie +75lbs.

Slow Ride - Gorsehill Grill - Swindon - kebab #14

7/10 maybe because I hadn't eaten since the day before and ran 7 wet, hilly miles stopping only for pints a few times along the way (here, here, here, and here)...the kebab was tasty, just probably not really a 7 if my judgement weren't addled (full review here).

JP - West Flanders Brewing Co. - Boulder - #12

Burger: Flanders Burger, good flavor but super wet. Bottom bun was a loss.

Beer: West Flanders IPA. Stunning. A great West coast style!

JP - Granite City Food & Brewery - Franklin TN - #11

Burger- Bedda Chedda Bacon Burger. Please note the shit ton of unmelted Cheddar. Took about half off. Otherwise great burger.

Beer: DIPA