Timko - Raceway Park - Englishtown, NJ - Burger #58

1/10. Burger was so bad I almost shit my pants before the last bite. No picture but I took a photo of a guy who looks like a fat Brownie!!! Same hat and shirt! It's uncanny!!!!

Timko - Tilted Kilt - East Brunswick, NJ - Burger #57

4/10 - and the girl serving me in her skirt and bra looked like she's eaten as many burgers as me this year.

Timko - Stage Left - New Bruns., NJ - Burger #56

11/10 - best burger in life. Food network rates it as best burger in
NJ. My friends own the restaurant, which is fine dining but they
server the burger in the bar area. There are only 3 things I miss a
out NJ. Pizza, bagels, and the Stage Left burger. Pricey, but worth

nutsandboltons - Merulana Cafe - Rome - SH39

I know what you're thinking - "A burger?  In an Italian Restaurant?  In ITALY?"  Here's the thing, though:  We tried this place out the first day were were in Rome, and the food was so good we had to go back our last night.  What I discovered is that the burger was every bit as good as the pasta and baked scamorza, even if it didn't come with a bun.  The patty was large and well-formed, grilled (probably over charcoal - at least it tasted that way) and flavorful.

7/10.  They lose a point or two for having no bun and average fries.  If you ever visit, try the scamorza and prosciutto instead.

JP - Husk - Nashville - #33

This burger is on most of the best burgers in the US lists for a reason!!

Slow Ride - Pewsey Pizza and Kebab - Pewsey, Wiltshire - kebab #34

The day started well enough with a pub at noon, then 3 more along a 7.5 mile trail run, then a 5 mile road race.  The food could have been better but in the light of all this it was more than good enough.  Review and links to some of the day's other stops here:

Rayzor - Barlata - austin, tx - burger #23

Choriburguer: patty is a mix of (spanish) chorizo and beef. Taste was more sausage than burger, but grilled onion on top, plus pickled vegetables and fries were excellent, so adding a point. 7/10

Biliruben - Rathskeller - Fredericksburg, TX - #31

8 / 10

Name: Bistro Burger
Toppings: LTOPC(c)Mu
Patty: 1/2 MWell
Taste: this is a very tasty burger. The sweet toasted bun and fresh veggies really make it. Fair warning though, if the Prime Rib is on the menu, opt for that instead and come back some other time for the burger.

brownie/Handlebar's/Silverton, CO/burger #42

Slow Ride - Newroz - Swindon - kebab #32

7/10 not bad, awesome homemade pita, and I seem to have interrupted a terrorist cell (mentioned in the review, here: http://1pumplane.wordpress.com/2013/07/14/newroz-swindon-kpw-for-week-29/ )

nutsandboltons - Quick - Paris - SH38

We were walking down the champs elysées around lunchtime today, and since the kids had tried okonomiyaki for the first time last night (if that's your thing, check out Aki on Rue St. Anne next time you're in Paris - order the pork & kimchi), I let them pick.  They chose this place, which worked for me because I'm getting kind of tired of pub burgers back in London.  For a fast food place, it wasn't bad, but I think my enjoyment of the Long Bacon may have been influenced by the fact that we were tired and hungry from walking around all morning.


JohnF - Health Club - Waco, Texas - #28

Stopped off at an old burger and soft ice cream joint established 1948. Couldn't resist the "Super Health Combo" w/ Fries and chocolate shake. 
Good basic burger. 7/10

Timko - My Kitchen - Boulder, CO - Burger #54

Didn't take advantage of the homemade during the first 50, so here it is! Would love some critique from JP!

Chuck/sirloin blend (more chuck), double ground into iced bowl so I didn't pre render any fat, just s+p. put them in the freezer while I prepped the rest.

Smoke Gouda

Thick cut smoked bacon

Chipotle mayo. Just mayo, some ketchup and some chipotle/adobo to taste

Butter toasted bun

All in cast iron. Quick melt in convection.


Animoul / Island Burgers / Encinitas, CA / #16

Nalu Nalu: 10 / 10

nutsandboltons - The Posh Banger Boys - London - SH37

Surprisingly good burger from this hole in the wall next to Borough Market.  This place is all about the meat, which was hand-formed, seasoned with salt and herbs, and then grilled in front of us.  Bun held together well despite the juiciness of the burger - I was a little apprehensive about the flour dusted on top, but it did a good job keeping the mess under control.  My lunch companion got the Toulouse sausage sandwich, and it was also fantastic.


nutsandboltons - Green Park Brasserie - Bath - SH36

Pretty good burger.  Bacon and pickles were good.  Salad was nice.  Fries were just OK.  This place would be good to visit for a pint some night.


brownie/Rosie's/Monument, CO/burger #40

Animoul / SD County Fair / Del Mar, CA / #15

Hamburger: 10 / 10

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JohnF - Searsucker - Austin, TX - #27

"Two handed burger"

House ground mix w/ gruyere, onion jam, baconaise and buttermilk bun. The toppings gave a rather sweet taste. Great fresh bun. Ordered it medium, but it came out more rare. Not a bad burger, but other places I've tried recently have done this style better. Knew it was a bad sign when the first thing the waiter explained that the menu was left intentionally vague as part of the "searsucker experience".

Timko - Drake Haus - Boulder, Co - Burger #53

This place just opened this past weekend. The shtick is they give you two medium sized burgers so you can mix and match. Bigger than a slider, smaller than just one burger. The other shtick is that the meat was merlot infused patties. This was has the potential to be pretty good as there combinations are good, but they need to work out the kinks in the kitchen. My burgers were really well (over) done.

I ordered a South American (has chorizo and something else) and a bacon egg and cheese burger.

megabootay - Alamo Drafthouse - Austin, TX - #31

Avocado and Pesto Burger
This should've actually been #26, but I forgot about it because it is a picture of blackness. As we all know, no phones permitted to be turned on during the movie at the Alamo Drafthouse. So, I took a picture of black to represent my Avocado and Pesto Burger from Memorial Day weekend. The burger was much better than the movie (Hangover III).

megabootay - Opal Divine's - Austin, TX - #30

The Newport Club (without bacon)
Swiss cheese, avocado, leaf lettuce, tomato, red onion and Opal's own chipotle mayo on grilled sourdough bread.
It was messy. It was filling. I do prefer a bun over grilled sourdough bread as the burger was too juicy to keep the sandwich together. But pretty good burger overall. The veggies, on the other hand, completely sucked. Should've got the cracked pepper fries :(

brownie/New Belgium Hub/DIA/burger #39

megabootay - Sandy's Hamburgers - Austin, TX - #29

Thursday Special w/ cheese
Sandy's is one of my go-to burger joints, but only on Thursdays and Saturdays. Old school...nothing fancy...and reliable. On Thursdays and Saturdays the 1/4 burger is $3.89 with fries and a drink. Can't beat it. I've been saving my Sandy's burger for a food emergency, and I had it last Thursday while trying to hit a work deadline.

megabootay - The other Baker's - Pittsburgh, PA - #28

The Matt Baker Special
My family isn't one for variety. So, Tuesday night's dinner at my brother's house was also burgers on the grill. Corn on the cob, salad, and watermelon on the side. I didn't actually eat that pickle hanging out of my burger...my Dad was just trying to be funny. Matt's grilling isn't quite as good as Dad's, but he is getting there. I'm sure in 30 years he'll have it mastered like Baker Sr.

megabootay - The Baker's - Pittsburgh, PA - #27

The Ron Baker Special
Burgers on the grill is what I associate with summer in Pittsburgh. And my Dad is the best grill master I know. My first day home visiting the family was no disappointment. Perfectly grilled burger with American Cheese and Heinz Ketchup with pasta salad, veggies, and watermelon on the side. My 8 year old cousin even ate 2 burgers they were so good!

megabootay - Deuce's & The Diamond Club - Chicago, IL - #26

The Duece's Classic with American Cheese
I felt the need to get a burger while in Chicago, and this just happened to be where we were when I was hungry. It was good enough to count as passable, but nothing impressive. The Deuce's Big Balls, on the other hand, were yum yum yummy.