Digger/Gary's Kitchen/Tofino B.C./Burger #7/ rating 1/10

A funny story. Gary's Kitchen is famous for the best crab in British Colombia.It's just a little hole in the wall Chinese Restaurant, but the crab boats deliver it fresh to them daily, and the Cantonese Dungeness Crab they serve was featured on 5 star Chef Lynn Crawford's TV show.
  Anyhow, we show up and they haven't got the crab in yet from the fishermen. Since I already had a beer on the go and was starving, I decided to take one for the team and ordered the burger. I believe it was a frozen Schneider's Burger pattie on a WonderBread bun with frozen McCain fries.
The girls, however, ordered Chinese food and it was excellent.
  So the plan is back later tonight for the Cantonese Crab!

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