Austin (ATX) Best Burgers

For Austin Folks looking for burger suggestions.
Austin Monthly published its list of Austin's best burgers:

Bar Mirabeau - Off the menu burger

Phil's Icehouse - Mini Burger Sampler Basket

Mulberry - Hamburger with Pancetta, gruyere, Tomato, egg

The Jackalope - Chipotle Bacon Cheeseburger

Counter Cafe - Counter Burger

Nau's Enfield Drug - Bacon Burger

The Peached Tortilla  - The Japajam

Dirty Martins - O.T.Special

Black Sheep Lounge - Black Buffalo Burger

Foriegn & Domestic - Wagyu Burger

East Side Showroom - Grassfed Blue Burger

Hut's Hamburger - The Wolfman Jack

Jasper's - Lonestar Tenderloin/Brisket Bacon Burger

Wholly Cow Burgers - Heavenly Double with Cheese

Dan's Hamburgers - Jalapeno Burger

All Star Burger - Pacific Coast Burger

Dog & Duck Pub - Artichoke Pesto Burger

Your Mom's Burger Bar- Chi Cheng Burger

Jack Allen's Kitchen - Green Chile Cheeseburger

These burgers were also mentioned, but do not qualify for the 50 burger challenge since there is no red meat.

Flattop Burger Shop- Chicken Cheeseburger

Blue Star Cafeteria - Grilled Garden Burger 

Hoppdoddy - Ahi Tuna Burger

Austin Java- The Ladybird  (turkey)


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