HaVoCLaD - Texican Cafe - Cedar Park, TX - #21


Found myself in this Mexican place and not particularly feeling like Mexican so I might as well sample a burger, right?

The Mexican cheeseburger sounded interesting. The combo of jalapenos, fritos & green chili sauce tasted great but the burger was small and overcome by the toppings.


  1. I've never eaten at this place, but this is a good example of why you should ask how many ounces the patties are wherever you go. I never eat less than 8 oz. of meat on any burger, and sometimes that means having the foresight to ask a question and get a double.

  2. Good point! When ordering a new item at a place I tend to go with the default. If the place has promise, I'll twiddle with the details. At texican, I'm liable to go back to the mexican goodies :)