Digger/Rocking Horse Pub/Parksville B.C./ Burger #11

You know when you've had a busy day, you're starving, there's a big burger on the menu, and you can't wait to eat it?Well that was me tonight. So I ordered a beer and waited. And I ordered another beer and waited. Finally, I ordered the "Bronco Burger", another beer, and waited. When it finally came, I was ready to attack it. It was 2X8oz. patties, and was awesome. All was forgiven as I finished, Grandma paid, and we headed home, fully satiated.Add 1 point for forgetting the salad that came with the burger. 8.5/10
"You've mistakenly brought me food that my food eats".
Ron Swanson,upon being served a salad.

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