HaVoCLaD - Dave and Busters - Austin - #25


Hadn't eaten dinner at D&B in 5 years, I didn't remember the food being all that great so I figured I might as well cross a burger off the list, amiright?

The South Philly Burger on the menu caught my eye and I asked the server who confirmed that it was really good and popular.  I'm not a big fan of weird burgers, but something about it spoke to me so I went with it.

it's pretty much just what it sounds like -  a philly cheesesteak sandwich on top of a 1/2# burger.  That's thinly sliced steak, onions, mushrooms, peppers and american cheese for those of you not in the know.

I was going to give this a nine as they deviated from the ideal philly by not using cheese wiz, but here it is a day later and I can't stop thinking about it and planning on when I'm going to have another.

That's a clear 10/10 in my book.  I'm halfway done with this challenge and this is the best burger I've had so far this year.

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