nutsandboltons - Meat Market - London SH#20

Playing on the innuendo of a meat market as a singles' bar, the playful atmosphere at the Meat Market in Covent Garden won me over the first time I went there.  It's in a loft overlooking the Jubilee (flea) Market, and the rafters are hung with irreverent fake personal ads and suggestive signage.  It's a much more laid-back experience than its sister restaurant to the North and West, Meat Liquor (see my 2nd update for details).  I usuallly get the Dead Hippie, but this last time I had a Black Palace burger, which trades the dead hippie sauce and minced onion for grilled onions.  Excellent, excellent, excellent burger all around.  It's a little bit messy, but worth the indulgence.  Order the beige milkshake (bourbon + maple syrup) and take some friends to split the chilli cheese fries.  They're a little unusual, but very tasty.  Also, this is the first place I've found in London with decent jalapeno poppers.



  1. Looks awesome...does Meat Market/Meat Liquor pass the 'Cannot repeat same restaurant type twice' rule? It would make the kebab effort a bit easier if I could go to a chain that only makes slight name changes to the snack trailers.

  2. There's some gray area there, so I fell back to the meta-rule that says, "if you have to ask, you're being too anal-retentive." In the case of MM/ML, I consider them to be two completely different experiences even though they share a parent company a few menu items. For those familiar with Austin, it's kind of like the relationship between Nutty Brown Cafe and Big Daddy's Burger Bar.