HaVoCLaD - Hopdoddy Burger Bar - ATX - #28


Now that the Hopdoddy's on Anderson has been open for a while it's trendiness has died down and the line looked manageable.  Time for me to give it a try.  I got there at 11:50AM and had my burger by 12:10, the line was small and moved quickly.

I ordered the Diablo Burger. The folks on Foursquare were saying that it was for serious heat fans only.  It's too bad those folks haven't met my friend Jack S., they clearly don't know him.

The ingredients were
 - Caramelized Onions - tasty, but not hot.  Honestly I prefer the crunch of raw onion though.
 - Pepper Jack - nice and gooey, not what I'd call spicy
 - Chipotle Mayo - there in abundance.  They should trim in down to a smear on the bottom bun, not a couple tbsp worth.
 - Salsa Roja - Did not identify this on the burger
 - Serranos - I had maybe a half dozen paper thin slices, at most a third of a serrano total
 - Habaneros - Nope, not there at all

All in all, it added up to - maybe - the level of the hot wings at a casual dining place like Chili's. 

My waiter asked how things were and I expressed my disappointment with my burger and he replied, "We'll make it hotter next time".  My question of "How?" went unanswered, directed as it was to his back as he made his quick exit.

The fries were thin and unexceptional.

As a meal, I'd give it a four based on lame spicy burger.  However, if I treat it just as a generic burger I have to admit it was a damn fine one.  The patty was very moist and done perfectly medium as I had asked. The bun was flavorful and held up admirably against the onslaught of the dripping burger. It was very tasty, I'll probably go back this year and try another burger. 

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