HaVoCLaD - The Peached Tortilla - ATX - #27


After seeing The Peached Tortilla written up here today I had to visit their website.  Turns out they were stationed right around the corner from my work.

I took that as a sign and made my way there.

The JapaJam burger was very delicious.  It had the right amount of fancy ingredients and they didn't compete with the burger.

The burger was advertised at 1/3rd but seemed closer to 1/2 to me.
Jalapeno jack cheese, fried onions, tomato jam, BBQ sauce and a fried egg complete the burger.

Upon my first bite, the egg yolk exploded over my left hand. If I'd managed to get more of the egg into my hungry mouth the burger may have gotten the extra point.

The fries were extra but at $10.50 for the combo it wasn't that bad.  The fried desperately needed something to dip them in.  The menu lists four options, but I wasn't asked and didn't think to ask or check on the fries before I drove away.

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