HaVoCLaD - Ski Shores - ATX - #26


Ah Ski Shores, the memories.  You've been there since 1954, but new owners have thrown in a full bar, instituted table service and are hiring a different class of staff.  I guess everything changes sooner or later.

What hasn't changed is the "quality" of the food.

I ordered the Border Burger advertised as a 1/3 pound fresh cut burger grilled to perfection topped with Mayo, fresh guac, cheese, jalapenos and grilled onions.  I added bacon, which was a good call.  The bacon was thick and tasty.  The toppings in total were very nice.  The onions were only lightly grilled, which I prefer and not done all the way to French onion soup consistency as seems to be the norm lately.  The guac was fresh and creamy.

However, if you look at the picture you can see the packet of mayonnaise sitting there like an afterthought.  HELLO!  The mayo is supposed to be on the bottom bun helping to prevent its disintegration from all the yummy hamburger juices dripping down when you lightly squeeze the burger as you bring it to your eager mouth!

Luckily for me, Ski Shores has solved that bun disintegration problem another way.  They've chosen to grill the ever loving sh*t out of that poor hamburger patty.  It may have once been "grilled to perfection" but yer supposed to take it off the grill at that point!  Maybe they need to spend a little more time on that in training.  Leaving it on the grill for another 10 minutes is less optimal.

Fries were cold, the bun came in a bag from HEB.  You know the ones - 8 for a buck.

I'm still giving them a five.  Mostly for the bacon, the guac and the memories.

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