nutsandboltons - Honest Burgers - London - SH28

I ordered the Honest Burger at the Soho location. Nice thick patty with a solid beefy flavor (could have had a little more char on the outside, but that's picking nits), they say they cook it medium with a pink middle.  Mine was a little closer to medium well, but it was juicy enough that if I'd ordered it medium rare, the bun would have fallen apart.  Little bits of the cheese fried up nicely where it melted off the side of the burger and came in contact with the griddle.  The red onion relish and pickles added a bit of zing, and the bun was a little bit sweet and held up well under the weight of all the meat and toppings.  For such a thick (1.5") patty, this was a remarkably easy-to-eat burger.  Everything held together well without falling out of the bun or getting all over the place.  Also, the fries were fantastic - crunchier than most, but thick enough to still retain that hot fresh potatoey characteristic on the inside, not too salty, not
too bland, with little crispy bits at the bottom of the pile that reveal their secret (good clean oil at the right temp) by not having a charred taste.  My initial thought was that this burger was an 8/10, but after reading what I've written here, I'm obviously more impressed than I realized.


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