JohnF - Javelina Bar - Austin, Texas. - #26

I intended to take a couple weeks off from the challenge to do some healthy eating and flush some of the cholesterol out of my system. I did not make it very long. When there was a gathering at a place that was on a list of best burgers in Austin, I had to try it.

The Migas burger was a 1/2 lb mix of chuck and short ribs, with fried egg, tortilla strips, cheese, house sauce and a fresh toasted bun. The egg was a little runny, but that just meant the flavor seeped into everything. It was a good mix of flavors without overdoing anything. 9/10.

They had a beer and burger combo special on Thursday, but I have to thank one of the owners of the local Independence Brewery who happened to be sitting at the bar next to me when I ordered one of his competitors beers. He set me straight with a better local selection.

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