nutsandboltons - Five Guys - London - SH40


The first time I had a burger from Five Guys it was in their Austin location.  I don't know if they were having an off day or what, but I didn't see the point.  I certainly wasn't as excited as <a href="">this guy</a>.  They seem to have realized they need to bring their A game to the UK, though, because the cheese up in there was most definitely going HAM.  Double patty, double cheese, grilled mushrooms, bacon, and (weak) jalapenos.  It was much, much better than I was expecting.  Even the cajun fries were better than I remembered.  At £8.75 for just the burger (over $12!) it's a little too pricey for what you get.  If you're near this place and want a better burger for a better price, go to Meat Market in Covent Garden.  Still, 7/10.


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