Slow Ride - on on to 2014 with fish and booze

Hi, folks, thanks for your indulgences while I did the kebabs-instead-of-burgers.  Next year, I'm doing two on my own (one: fish and chips at least every 7 days and two: a different adult beverage every day...could be one of the thousands of ales, or a cocktail, a wine, but it has to be unique each day).

It has been fun, these last two years.  Feel free to stop by for a visit if you find yourselves near Swindon (floor space if you want to crash for a night) or Oxford (to see what a modern chemistry lab looks like in a University that predates Columbus' voyage by 300+ years.  And, we can go for a bit of a pub crawl while you're there.

Anyways, adios bitches.  Stay in touch.

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