nutsandboltons - Belgo - London - SH21

Good burger for a traditional Belgian place that specializes in steamed
mussels.  Thick patty, solid bun, easily compressible to fit in your
mouth.  The two things Belgians are known for - fries and beer, so the
fries are predictably awesome with ketchup or mayo, or by themselves. 
The real star here is the beer, though.  All manner of Trappist goodness
and a few I'd never heard of.  The Kasteel Rouge is a must-have, and if
you're not driving, get them to mix a bottle of Bush's 12% (yeah, you
heard that right - 12 PERCENT) and Lindemans Peche.  Burger by itself is
a solid 7, plus two points for the beer.


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