nutsandboltons - Red Dog Saloon - London - SH22

Went with the Heat Seeker, and was sorely disappointed with the level of heat.  When I see habaneros on the menu, I expect them to actually be
in the food, not just in its vicinity at some point during production. 
The bun was falling apart, but I blame that on the delivery time and juiciness of the meat.  On the plus side, I
didn't have to order it medium rare; it just came that way.  The patty
itself had a rich beefy flavor.  The meaty beans I ordered as a side were excellent.  I think this would have been much
better at the restaurant.  I'll be going back at some point to try the
Punisher (burger w/Bacon and pulled pork on top).  Highly recommend this place for BBQ if you're in London and need to scratch that specific
itch, but this burger was just barely above average:


Full write-up on this place from a previous visit here:

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