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Had some friends in town for work recently, and we decided we'd go through Borough Market and pick up some burger patties to bring home and grill up.  I'd intended to treat them to something exotic at Gamston Wood Farm (see my update SH#12), but it was closed on the particular Thursday we went.  Instead, we got rabbit burgers at one of the butcher stalls (haven't been able to figure out the name - it's next to the paella and curry stand, for those who've been there).  ZOMG these worked out.  Rabbit's a lean meat, so they have to cut it with something fattier.  I didn't ask what, but I'm assuming beef.  At any rate, these got the most amazing golden-brown char on them in the countertop griddle/sandwich press.  It was sweet and salty to the point the burgers almost didn't need the bacon we put on them.  The meat itself had a good chunky grind with a relatively loose pack, but still held together well.  Served with lettuce, onion, tomato, white
cheddar, and bacon on a toasted bun, with a side of home-made thick-cut fried potatoes.  I dressed mine with ketchup, mayo and HP brown sauce.  Round out the meal with an Innis & Gun Rum Finish ale, and I give this one a 10/10.

I may be biased, though.

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