nutsandboltons - Philomena's - London - SH#16

Philomena's is a pub near where I used to work, just east of Covent Garden.  They have the most amazing sunday pork roast w/yorkshire pudding, gravy, carrots, and parsnips.  But this isn't the 50 pork roasts challenge.  This challenge is for burgers, son!  So I tried their mexican burger.  Burger itself was good.  Solid flavor, proper grind and pack.  Fries were good, but nothing special.  The salsa they served on the side was weak sauce, though.  Too sweet & not enough chunk or kick.  They have a monday burger special that's a pretty good value.  Beer selection is pretty good and the wait staff are friendlier than I've come to expect at British pubs.


Seriously, though.  Go there for the roast pork.

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